Organize your big goals into Spaces

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Organize your big goals and big picture work into Spaces in Cascadin. Spaces provide you with a simple way to divide your work for yourself or your team. You’ll create your first Space when you create your account. You can create as many Spaces as you need after. 

Another way to think about Spaces is by units of an organization, like sales and marketing or business operations. If you’re a team of one, you probably wear a lot of different hats. Spaces help you organize them simply so you can prioritize and stay focused. 

Step-by-step guides

Space Roles


Owners can:

  • transfer the ownership of the Space to another member.

Owners cannot:

  • be removed from the Space by anyone.

Owners have all the abilities of an Admin.


Admins can:

  • change member roles to any roles other than Owner,
  • move Projects, Task, Notes to other Spaces,
  • see all the content of a multiple outcome Task with private assignments.

Admins cannot:

  • cannot be removed from a Space without first changing rank to Manager, Member, or Guest.

Admins have all the abilities of a Manager.


Managers can:

  • manage the Space’s details,
  • change member roles to any roles other than Admin and Owner,
  • add members to the Space,
  • remove members from a Space.

Managers have all the abilities of a Member.


Members can:

  • be assigned Tasks,
  • write to all content that they can see.

Members have all the abilities of a Guest.


Guests can:

  • read all content of the Space other than multiple Tasks with private assignments,
  • participate in discussion on any content they can see in the Space.

Guests cannot:

  • be assigned Tasks.