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Your account is independent of any one subscription. You might be a member of multiple independent organizations using Cascadin.

Step-by-step Guides

Personal Data

We strongly believe in respecting your privacy so we only ask you for two data points.


This is your username to log in. It is also the email that we use to communicate service level communications with you. It can be different than the email address that you use for subscription communications such as notifications from your team members.


This is the name that we use to address you in all communications. It is not displayed to anyone beyond you and our team.


Default subscription

If you are a member of more than one subscription, you can choose the default subscription to load whenever you log into your account.

Display Theme

For the sake of your eyes, we have both a light and dark theme to choose from. You may set a theme directly or let Cascadin follow your device’s preference.

Local Time Zone

All dates and times will be displayed using this time zone.

Notification Emails

You can set how often you would like to be emailed when you have unread notifications in a subscription. You can set these intervals as immediately, hourly, daily, or never. These can be customized for each subscription if you desire.