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A workspace is the bow that ties each team — whether of one or many — within Cascadin together. It consists of a billing plan and the members granted licenses through that plan.

Billing Plan

We keep the billing plan simple. Choose a monthly or annual (17% savings!) plan, and tell us how many user licenses you want. You can always adjust this number as your needs change.

A user license is needed for each member on your team. The minimum license number is one. The maximum is limited only by your imagination*.

* To be tested.

We partner with Stripe to ensure your payment information is handled safely and securely.

Add or Remove User Licenses

You can add or remove user licenses as your team evolves easily. To do so, you must be an Owner or Super Admin of the Workspace. Here is a step-by-step guide to changing the number of user licenses.

Add New Member to Workspace

Once you’ve changed the number of user licenses in your Workspace, you can invite new members to join you in Cascadin. Here is a step-by-step guide.

Member Roles

Each member is assigned a role that grants them certain access to resources in their workspace.


Owners can:

  • delete the workspace,
  • transfer the ownership of the workspace.

Owners cannot:

  • be removed from the workspace by anyone.

Owners have all the abilities of a Super Admin.

Super Admin

Super Admins can:

  • manage the workspace’s details including billing and its active status,
  • change member roles to any roles other than Owner,
  • add invite members to the workspace,
  • remove members from the workspace.

Super Admins cannot:

  • be removed from the workspace without first being demoted to a lower rank.

Super Admins have all the abilities of a Member.


Members can:

  • create Spaces,
  • be given a role in Spaces,
  • edit their own member settings,
  • can leave a workspace.


You may customize the settings to control your identity, notifications, emails, navigation, and dashboard for your workspace. This allows you to finely tune your workspace to best fit how you want to use Cascadin. Go to Workspace Settings for details on each category.