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Why less is better

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Organizing with Cascadin

  • Your to-do lists stay with you, no matter where you are.

  • Reminders help you stay on track so you don’t miss the details.

  • Keep all your related work together, linking to external documents without a second thought.

  • Simplicity means you’ll be up and organizing in minutes, not weeks.

  • Meetings are simple and focused thanks to collaboration already done.

  • Communication is tied directly to the tasks and projects you work on together.

Organizing without Cascadin

Your sticky notes sprout legs and disappear, never to be seen again.

Important tasks fall through the cracks because of all the hats you wear.

Google Drive is a bottomless pit of docs and spreadsheets with no organization, leaving you searching for files constantly.

Precious money and time are spent on complicated systems, only to abandon them.

Half your meetings are spent recapping what’s happened rather than what’s coming.

Email chains are long and you lose track of the important messages.


Start with your big picture and organize into unlimited Spaces, Projects, Tasks, and To-dos.


Track your progress or collaborate with your team so you know where you’re at and where you’re going.


Document all the amazing things you’re doing and never lose anything ever again.

Find simplicity with Cascadin

“Cascadin provides me a way to prioritize our most important projects and create actionable tasks around them.”

- Sara, small business owner

“If you’re looking for a task and project management software that’s clean, easy to use, has deadline management, and more...I highly recommend Cascadin!”

- Hannah, union organizer

“It’s going to help us out a ton!”

Elizabeth, nonprofit executive director

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