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Communicate outside the inbox

Our Mission

Organize to thrive

Manage your work

Your Workspace

Project, Tasks, and To-dos
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Organize projects, share tasks, and communicate with your team from one place. Keep track of your quick to-dos while still managing everything else.

Start organizing today, save time tomorrow

Tasks and projects
a view of Kerplunk’s projects list highlighting a project for setting 2021 goals
Google Drive

You have a lot to do. By connecting to files from Google Docs, Sheets, and more, start organizing your work quickly without spending hours learning yet another software tool.

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  • Create assignments

    Assign multiple team members to a task

  • Record achievements

    Document your work, relish in your progress

  • Prioritize work

    Manage deadlines and set reminders

  • Manage to-dos

    Keep running lists of your quick tasks

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