Create a Space

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Step 1: Go to All Spaces

You can create as many Spaces as you need. To create one, select “All Spaces” from the left navigation panel. 

Screenshot highlighting the area of navigation that displays "Spaces".

Step 2: Add a new Space

Select the “+ New Space” above the list of all your current Spaces.

Screenshot of Spaces page highlighting the "Create New Space" button.

Step 3: Name the Space

The only requirement for creating a Space is giving it a name. We recommend keeping it short.

Screenshot of the Create New Space form.

Optional: Add a Space description

You can also add a description to help you remember what you’ll be organizing, tracking, and documenting in this new Space. A description can also be helpful if you’re adding team members to this Space.

Optional: Add team members

If you’re working with others in your new Space, you can add them to the Space when you create it. They’ll be added as a “Member” to the Space, and you can always change their role later. 

Screenshot of adding team members to a new Space.

Once you’ve added all the details and members if applicable, select “Save” at the bottom of the screen. Your new Space will be added to your list.