Adding Members to a Space

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Requirements for this action

  • You must be an Owner, Admin, or Manager for that Space. See more about roles for Space members.
  • The target Space must be your active Space.
  • You must have other members in your Workspace.

Step 1: Go to the Space’s profile

Click on the link to your active Space in your navigation bar.

A screen snippet highlighting the active Space link in the Cascadin navigation bar.

Step 2: Go to Add Members

Click on the “Add Members” button.

Screen snippet highlighting the Add Members button.

Step 3: Assign a Role

This role will be assigned to the new members you add. You can always reassign members to another role afterwards. A brief description of the role will be displayed below it to help guide you. As a default, new members are given the “Member” role.

Screen snippet showing the Assign role radio button (select one).

Step 4: Search for member(s)

The up to 5 members of your workspace will be displayed for you to choose from.

Screen snippet of the members select list.

You may type in the text input field to filter to a specific member.

Screen snippet of filtering a member select list.

Step 5: Select the member(s)

Selected members will have a checkmark to the left of their avatar in the list.

Screen snippet showing selected members from a member select list.

Their name will appear in a cancelable list below.

Screen snippet showing buttons for each selected member that can be clicked to quickly remove them from the selected list.

Step 6: Save your additions

Once you’ve selected all the members you would like to add, select “Save” at the bottom of the screen. The new members will be added to your Space and they will be notified in Cascadin.