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A subscription is the bow that ties each team — whether of one or many — within Cascadin together. It consists of a billing plan and the roles granted to members through that plan.

Billing Plan

We keep the billing plan simple. Choose a monthly or annual (17% savings!) plan, and tell us how many user licenses you want. You can always adjust this number as your needs change.

A user license is needed for each member on your team. The minimum license number is one. The maximum is limited only by your imagination*.

* To be tested.

We partner with Stripe to ensure your payment information is handled safely and securely.

Member Profile

Each member can customize their profile to represent themselves within the subscription. As with our accounts, we respect your privacy. We only ask for what we really need to make Cascadin work for you.

Short Name

This is used to refer to you in less formal uses. Brevity is better but not required despite how we refer to it.

Full Name

This is used to refer to you in more formal uses.


This email is used to notify you of subscription level communications and notifications from other team members.  This can be different from your account email address, but it doesn’t have to be.

Profile Photo

This is used throughout the subscription so your team can see your smiling face or that beautiful sunset you just snapped a photo of while enjoying your vacay at the beach last winter.  

Member Roles

Each member is assigned a role that grants them certain access to resources in their subscription.


Owners can:

  • delete the subscription,
  • transfer the ownership of the subscription.

Owners cannot:

  • be removed from the subscription by anyone.

Owners have all the abilities of a Super Admin.

Super Admin

Super Admins can:

  • manage the subscription’s details including billing and its active status,
  • change member roles to any roles other than Owner,
  • add invite members to the subscription,
  • remove members from the subscription.

Super Admins cannot:

  • be removed from the subscription without first being demoted to a lower rank.

Super Admins have all the abilities of a Member.


Members can:

  • create Spaces,
  • be given a role in Spaces,
  • edit their own member settings,
  • can leave a subscription.