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Tasks are the core unit of work for Cascadin. They are more feature-rich than To-dos, but they can still be as simple or complex as you need. Tasks can be assigned to your team members and you can control who can see and edit the Task. Tasks have optional features allowing you to customize how you want to document your work.

There are two types of Tasks. A Single Task has a single assignment that can be shared by any number of team members for a single shared outcome. A Multiple Task has multiple assignments that are assigned to any number of team members with a separate outcome for each assigned member.

Here is a simple scenario to help you think about the difference between these two types. The example Task is deciding what your family will be ordering for lunch.

Single Task
If you’re ordering a pizza, your family collectively decides on what type of pizza to order. The ordered pizza is the single outcome regardless how many family members were assigned to decide what pizza they wanted.

Multiple Task
If you’re ordering individual sandwiches, each family member independently decides what sandwich they want to order. The ordered sandwiches are the collection of individual outcomes from each of the family members assigned to decide what sandwich they wanted.

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