Create a Task

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Step 1: Open a new Task template

Activate the Space you want to add a new Task. Once in the active Space, you can create a new Task from two locations. From the left navigation panel, select the “+” icon next to “Tasks” or from the “Tasks” list view, select “+ New Task”.

Screenshot highlighting the "Create New Task" button.

Step 2: Name the Task

While there are many details you can add to your new Task, the only requirement is to give it a name. Pro Tip: Give the Task a short but distinct name. Add more details in the description.

Screenshot of the Create Task form

Step 3: Determine the Task outcome

When creating a new Task, you can determine what type of outcome this Task will have. Once you select the outcome type, it can’t be changed later. It defaults to the single outcome type.

Snippet of the Task Outcomes select button.

Single Outcome

The most common type is a single outcome Task, which can be just for you or shared between other members of your workspace. It will have one outcome, even if assigned to many. This outcome gives you the ability to collaborate with your team.

Multiple Outcome

You also have an option to create a multiple outcome Task, which is assigned to other members of your Space, each with a unique outcome. An example of this outcome would be assigning team members to submit their own blog posts. 

Private Assignments

If your new Task is independent of a Project and has multiple outcomes, you can make the assignments Private. Doing so limits who sees individual outcomes to yourself and any Space admin(s).

Snippet showing once Multiple Task Outcomes is selected, you can choose to have Private Assignments.

Step 4: Assign the Task

If this Task is for others, not just you, select who else will receive this Task assignment. It defaults to you. You can add everyone in the Space or individuals.

Animation showing how to assign team members to a Task.

Step 5: Optional Task details


Add details in the description field to expand on this Task for yourself or your team. 


To better organize your work, set a priority for this Task.

Screen snippet of the Priority radio button displaying the options of None, Low, Medium and High.

Add a deadline and set a reminder

Giving your Task a deadline helps establish goals and timelines for yourself or your team. Adding quick reminders will help you stay on track.

Set a deadline and custom reminders.

Step 6: Adjust Task settings

There are a few settings that you can adjust, depending on your needs and the scope of the Task. 

Turn Discussion Off

If you don’t need a discussion on this Task, toggle them off and keep your Task from getting too noisy with conversation. 

Toggle switch to turn Discussion on or off.


If Notes aren’t necessary for this Task, toggle it off to declutter your screen.

Toggle switch to turn Notes on or off.


You can keep or remove To-dos as an option on a Task.

Toggle switch to turn To-dos on or off.


Make it easy to find and access websites or cloud-based files related to your Task. You can toggle this on or off from your Task.

Toggle switch to turn Links on or off.

Once you add a link, you can edit the display name and add a description if you need more context.

Snippet showing a link that is being edited with its fields URL, Label, and Description.

Step 7: Save your Task

Once you’ve added all the information you want to the Task and adjusted the settings, you have two options. You can save it, which closes the form and opens your Task list. Or, you can “Save & Copy”, which saves the Task and creates a copy of it for you to edit. It’s helpful when creating similar Tasks with different deadlines, for example.