Create a Note

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Step 1: Create a Note

Notes can be created independent of any Task or Project by selecting the “+” icon next to Notes in the left navigation panel. 

Screenshot highlighting the "Create New Note" button.

Notes can also be created directly from a Task or Project.

Step 2: Name the Note

Like Projects and Tasks, the only requirement for creating a new Note is to give it a name. 

Screenshot of the Create Note form

Step 3: Optional formatting in Notes

The Cascadin text editor gives you a lot of options for formatting your Notes. 

Text options

You can format your text as bold, italics, strikethrough, underline, subscript, superscript, and even highlighted.

Additionally, you can format text like paragraphs, header 2, header 3, and header 4.

Special Formats


If you’re inserting information from another source, you might consider using the Blockquote option. 


You can have three different types of lists to your text field.

  • Bullet List
  • Ordered/Numbered List
  • Checklist


In Notes, the text editor has a table feature. You can format the table to meet your needs, adding or removing columns and rows. 

Technical Formats

For technical Notes, you can enter code or code blocks to document your work. 

  • Code
  • Code blocks

Step 4: Save your Note

Once you’ve added all the information you want to the Note, you have two options. You can “Save” it, at which point you’ll close the form and go to your Notes list. Or, you can “Save & Copy,” which will save the Note and create a copy of it. This way, if you’re working on similar Notes, you can add multiple quickly.