Browser Requirements for Cascadin

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For the best experience, we recommend using the most recent version of Chrome, Edge, FireFox or Safari. Below is more information on browser requirements for Cascadin.

Browser Requirements

  • Cookies must be enabled.
  • JavaScript must be enabled.

Supported Browsers

Cascadin is built with technologies that are adopted by the following supported browser versions. The Cascadin team endeavors to provide a positive user experience when using the following browsers.

  • Chrome from version 51 (released May 2016)
  • Edge from version 79 (released Jan 2020)
  • Firefox from version 54 (released June 2017)
  • Opera from version 38 (released June 2016)
  • Safari from version 10 (released on September 2016)

Unsupported Browsers

While unsupported browsers may be able to access Cascadin, you may experience errors and unexpected behavior. Errors encountered with an unsupported browser and not reproducible in a supported browser will not be addressed by the Cascadin team.

  • Edge, pre-chromium releases earlier than version 79
  • Internet Explorer, all versions
  • Opera Mini, all versions

Private Mode

Some browsers may experience issues logging in or using Cascadin while in a private or restricted mode.