I’ve spent a lot of time reorganizing myself lately. I think many of us do that at the beginning of a new calendar year. I mean, we’re all inundated with messages at the start of the new year about it. But how do you organize? How do you go about it? For me, my #1 tip to organize is simple, flexible, and even Ben Franklin approved.

You and I likely have different approaches to organizing. My system works for me, and it might work for you, or it might not. Since we live in a productivity-obsessed society, there are a lot of ideas about organizing. I hesitate to create yet another blog post with tips and tricks, but here’s why I am: none of the blogs that I’ve read helped me. Not really. 

Bullet journal? Nope.

Recently, I tried to create a bullet journal. I stopped within 15 minutes because I screwed up the page numbering, missed adding the index, realized I forgot the key, and I gave up. Lots of people I know love bullet journals. For many, it’s a great tool. But it did not work for me. 

Post-it notes? Not anymore.

Of course, the old standby for organizing is to-do lists. I love them, and I certainly get that dopamine rush of crossing something off my list. But mounds of paper or post-it notes were never very effective for me either, mostly because they were lost or buried amongst other things in my work space.

TimeBoxing? Sometimes.

I do like the idea of TimeBoxing as a tactic. It is one of the reasons why adding a calendar view is on our long-term roadmap for Cascadin. But it doesn’t work for me every day because, well, life happens and I’m human. 

My #1 tip: 10 minutes a week

So what do I do? I spend 10 minutes at the beginning of my week figuring out my priorities. I break those priorities down into manageable bits, adding or rearranging those TasksProjects, and To-dos in Cascadin, and then I go forward. Each day I check in Cascadin to make sure I’m on the right track. 

It’s simple and flexible, exactly how I like it. And Ben Franklin approved:

"For every minute spent organizing, an hour is earned." - Benjamin Franklin

I’ll take that extra 10 hours a week anytime. 🥳

Alyson Roberts

Co-Founder & CEO

Known for organizing the dirty dishes before cleaning them, Alyson is learning how to do less, better and helping others do the same. She loves exploring beautiful lands near and far, trying new recipes, aspiring to be the next Star Baker, growing her garden, and avoiding board games at all cost.

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