The most dreaded phrase for any team: “We’re going to have to have more meetings.”

Online calendar of a work week with lots of meetings scheduled.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit the United States in early 2020, many teams and organizations went remote. That quick transition brought a lot of questions for groups about how to stay in contact with one another. Tools like Zoom and Microsoft Teams saw a huge uptick in users. 

If you were part of a team that quickly transitioned to remote work, you probably also experienced an increase in meetings. But were those meetings productive? Did they help you stay on track and be in better communication with your teammates? 

Or did they leave you with simply more burnout in an already overwhelming world?

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It’s been a heck of a ride the last few years. For our small team, the pandemic definitely threw us a curveball, especially since we were really just getting Cascadin out into the world. 

For me, using Cascadin throughout the chaos has been incredibly helpful. There’s one reason for that and why you will find Cascadin is different than a lot of the other tools out there:

It’s simple. 

In a world that is overwhelming, Cascadin’s helped me stay on track and document all the things that I’ve got going on. One of the biggest ways that Cascadin has helped me is with having effective meetings.

Save Your Meetings

For meetings, Cascadin helps save you time in two ways:

  1. Document your work and the progress you’ve made so you don’t have to repeat yourself. Everyone on your team already knows where everyone else is at with a Project or Task. Focus the meeting on what comes next. 
  2. Track assignments and what needs to be done next during your meeting. That way, at the end of the meeting, everyone knows their action plan and can get started right away. 

With these two simple aspects, I’m able to have effective meetings, when I need them. We save time and energy by staying on the same page in between meetings. When we do meet, it’s more productive and forward-looking. 

And who wouldn’t want that? 

Alyson Roberts

Co-Founder & CEO

Known for organizing the dirty dishes before cleaning them, Alyson is learning how to do less, better and helping others do the same. She loves exploring beautiful lands near and far, trying new recipes, aspiring to be the next Star Baker, growing her garden, and avoiding board games at all cost.

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