Simple organizing just got a little easier

Are you ready for the next chapter of Cascadin’s development? Because we are! Today we’re excited to share with you the latest release. Our goal with this update is to give you more control over your organizing system while also increasing the simplicity of the tool.


Our mission at Cascadin is to help individuals and small teams organize, track, and document their work simply. With Cascadin 2.0, we’ve taken a big step forward in delivering on that mission.

Cascadin now has an additional layer of organizational ability, what we are lovingly calling Spaces. Think of Spaces as departments, units, or areas of work. Within a Space, you have Projects, Tasks, Notes, and To-dos that keep you organized and moving forward.

Spaces for Teams

If you’re part of a small team, chances are you have different area of work. Sometimes that work is together. Sometimes it’s on your own or with a smaller subset of your team.

Example of a small team utilizing Spaces for the different areas work.

You can create as many Spaces as you need to organize and segment your work within your organization. Create your new space and add a team member to work together. Only you and your team member will see the Tasks, Projects, Notes, and To-dos within that Space.

Check out this short video for you to learn more about Spaces for teams. 

Spaces for Individuals

As an individual using Cascadin, Spaces helps you divide and organize your life, work, and whatnot into easy-to-manage areas, all with one subscription.

An example of an individual using Cascadin’s Spaces to organize their work, life, and whatnot.

For example, I’ll be using Spaces to keep track of my personal projects as well as share my “honey-do list” with Jake. With no limit to the number of Spaces, there are endless possibilities for organizing your life in simple ways.

Check out this short video that dives into the different layers you can use to organize in Cascadin.

A New Chapter

Finally, this release is more than Spaces for our small team.

It’s the beginning of a new chapter for us as we increase our presence and expand our reach to help more individuals and small teams with their simple organizing needs.

We’ll be creating more helpful resources and providing more organizing support. Additionally, I’m eager to help individuals and small teams set up their organizing system within Cascadin. If you’re organizationally curious but don’t know where to start, let’s chat! You can also subscribe to our newsletter for helpful tips and tricks.

As always, with Cascadin, your organizational bliss is only a few clicks away. Start your 30-day free trial to see how simple organizing can be.

Keep thriving!

Alyson Roberts

Co-Founder & CEO

Known for organizing the dirty dishes before cleaning them, Alyson is learning how to do less, better and helping others do the same. She loves exploring beautiful lands near and far, trying new recipes, aspiring to be the next Star Baker, growing her garden, and avoiding board games at all cost.

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