Anti-hustle productivity does exist

Remove yourself from toxic productivity and embrace a more meaningful mindset.

What is toxic productivity?

Losing sight of what’s most important because you’re ‘busy’.

Being connected 24/7/365 to your work without clear boundaries.

Believing that your self-worth is tied to how much you do.

A set of stick notes reading '24/7/365', 'Priority', 'Self-worth' and a crossed out 'Toxic Productivity'.

Here’s how Cascadin can help you create a more meaningful relationship with productivity

For individuals

  • You control the reminders you need, they don’t control you.
  • It’s easier to set healthy boundaries for yourself.
  • You can look back on your accomplishments without tying them to your self-worth.

For small teams

  • You process meaningful notifications, in one place, when you need them.
  • You can be more intentional about the work you do together.
  • Meetings are meaningful because you’re all on the same page already.

It’s a simple software tool to help you do less, better

  • Simplicity means you’ll be organizing in minutes, not weeks.
  • Reminders help you stay on track so you don’t miss details.
  • All your related work stays together, so you’ll never lose anything again.

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