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Workspaces have a subscription that determines how many user licenses the workspace has, the billing cycle interval and the billing total.

All new accounts start a 30-day free trial. New accounts are not required to add a payment method to start the trial however a payment method is necessary for access to the trial workspace after the end of the 30-day free trial.

Payment methods can be updated with a new credit or debit card at any time. Cascadin partners with Stripe so that we do not handle or store any card or cvc numbers.

A subscription can be billed either monthly or annually and the total is determined by the number of user licenses that your workspace is provisioned. An annual subscription receives a discount over the monthly option. Please see our simple pricing plan for updated details.

A user license is used for invitations to join your workspace and active members. If a member has been removed from your workspace, a license is free to be used to invite a new member.

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