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Multiple Task

This type of Task has multiple assignments that can be assigned to any number of team members. Each of those assignments will have its own comments, notes, to-dos, and status.

It is important to note that for a Multiple Task, if no member is yet assigned to it, no work can be recorded, discussed or completed. This is different than a Single Task.

A Task’s status is dependent on the status of its assignments. A Task is complete when all its assignments have been completed. A Task can be closed before all its assignments are completed and its assignment statuses are locked to either complete or incomplete.

If a member has been assigned the Task but does not have the ability to edit or view the Task, the member will be only able to add comments, notes, reminders and to-dos, and change the status of their assignment. They will not have any visibility into the activity of other members separately assigned the task. For most purposes, the assigned member will not know if this Task has other assigned members working on their own assignments.

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