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Notifications are used in Cascadin to alert you to actions taken by your team members that may impact what you see in your workspaces, reminders of work to be done and system level alerts.

To avoid making notifications too noisy, notification updates to Tasks and Projects are grouped together in a single summary notification. The summary notification will display the current status of the Project or Task as well as the number of updates since you last read the notification. You can easily see the history of the Project or Task directly from the notification as well.

For ease of use, the notification will include a link to its target resource, the number of updates since you last read the notification and a link directly to its history so you can review its changes. 

Assignment, account and workspace notifications are not grouped together to help you avoid missing them.

All notifications are displayed regardless of your active workspace. However, only the active workspace will have a link directly to the notification’s target.

Notifications are also emailed to you. Account notifications are sent as individual emails when they occur. Other Project and Task notifications are sent in a digest email at an interval that is controlled by you in your account preferences.

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